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I got up and walked the Te Araroa

I got up and walked the Te Araroa is a factual account of my end-to-end (through) hike of the Te Araroa trail which runs 3,063 kilometres from the top of New Zealand to the bottom.

The official trail was opened in 2012 although it has been in the planning for many years.  It is mainly on trails; however, it also passes through some villages and cities.

I narrate what I am seeing and feeling and of the people I meet.  It will describe to the reader the many high and low points and daily physical and mental challenges that a 119 day end-to-end hike will put the hiker through.

Stories of being dropped off by boat into a high security area and how I got out; of being called into Kiwis’ houses to stay the night or just to have a coffee; falling down the side of a mountain into a raging icy-cold river and thinking it was all about to end.

It was the hike of a lifetime and probably the best way to see New Zealand and its wonderful people.

I have now completed several long walks around the world however Te Araroa is still one of my favourites.

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I got up and walked the Te Araroa


I got up and walked

the Camino de Santiago

A light hearted read from David's and Sue's versions of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

David is an experienced hiker having walked the Bibbulmun Track in Western Australia, 1,000 kilometres in 43 days and Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand, 3,000 kilometres in 119 days and more recently the Pacific Crest Trail, 4,200 kilometres in four months and eight days.

Life is simple with his backpack full of food, equipment and tent, whereas Sue likes coffees, soft beds and showers. This was a compromise to walk at least once together on their six month backpacking trip around Europe.

Walking 800 kilometres in seven weeks, approximately 20 kilometres a days was a challenge for both. David usually walks 40 kilometres a day with a personal best of 60 kilometres in a day so he had to slow down! For Sue this was just a challenge! However with lots of cafes and a hot shower and soft bed at the end of each day to look forward to, it was a great way to spend time in each other's company.

David has gone back to packing his tent and continuing to walk the list of walks he wants to accomplish. While Sue is happy to wait at home and edit his diaries. When he hikes overseas she will follow him in a train, bus, cruise or just do her own thing.

With a husband and wife version of walking the Camino they are different in retelling their stories.

Sit back with a coffee or beer and enjoy the read.

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I got up and walked

the Camino de Santiago

I got up and walked Te Araroa

I got up and walked Te Araroa

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About the author, David Till

I am in my 60's, and live in Bremer Bay, Western Australia. Married with four adult children, our first three children came along and then ten years later we had a surprise!


I have always been active and love the outdoors since Scouts. At 21, life got in the way and business and family came first. 



Cricket, squash and running had been my main activities, however when sport got too hard I went back to hiking.  

Passing the Bibbulmun Track sign for many years I decided to hike the 1000 kilometre trail from Perth to Albany.  

After finishing this hike, I asked myself “What next?”


I have since completed several long walks around the world however Te Araroa is one of my favourites.


About the author, Susan Till

I am in my 60's, married with four adult children and four grandchildren.

I live in Bremer Bay, Western Australia.

Now that I am retired, I have more time to put thoughts and ideas down on paper or should I say, these days on the computer.

I set aside some time each day to write my own stories and then edit my husband's hiking narrative journals.

My other interests include reading, embroidery, travel, and entering competitions.


I got up and walked 

A diary from New Zealand's longest trail and other hikes

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